European Gemological Laboratory
Certification of Diamond, Tanzanite and Coloured stones
Champagne Diamond Full Report
A report contains less information than a full certificate. In this case only the carat weight, clarity grade, a plotting diagram is recorded and the proportion and fluorescence information is included and the colour grade. The colour grade system of champagne diamonds was developed by Argyle Diamond Mine and runs from C1 to C7 (Light Champagne to Fancy Cognac). In all other respects the grading follows the norms.
 SA NUMBER: the stone record number generated by E.G.L.

 WEIGHT: is indicated in carats which is a unit equal to 0,200g.

 CLARITY: grade indicates the presence or absence of blemishes and inclusions.

 COLOUR: the colour graded using the champagne master set and the terminology relating to the colour grading system.

 SHAPE: indicates the shape or cut of the diamond.

 CUT GRADE: overall proportion grade of the diamond.

 POLISH: a comment as to the final polish of the diamond.

 SYMMETRY: a comment as to the final symmetry of the diamond.

 FLUORESCENCE: a comment as to the fluorescence of the diamond. COMMENTS: any additional comments or information relating to    the diamond.
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